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Case Study - Suntrend New Breakthrough into the Construction Industry

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

It is exhilarating for us to announce our accomplishment in expanding our service into the construction industry. The partnership with Tin Wo Engineering is a memorable one for us. Tin Wo Engineering Company Limited provided high-quality service in completing various infrastructure projects such as The Leighton Hill, Harbor Grand Hotel, and Air Freight Center.

For Tin Wo Engineering, the main areas that we focused on are:

  • Personnel Management

  • Distributed Time & Attendance Management

  • Payroll and Taxation Management

  • Employee Self Service

  • Management Self-Service

  • Roster management

It requires enormous resolution for an organization to transform digitally. Setting out a clear roadmap and requirements to the system going on live is a long journey. Suntrend Technology is pleased and proud to manage this complex project and showed positive outcomes.

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