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Case Study- 項目案例 一

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

多功性,資源互補的概念可體驗在本地一間具有前瞻性的公司:旭明知識產權有限公司 (World Verity Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.簡稱WVIP)。實際上WVIP是代表了非傳統性的新一代運作的公司,以化零為整,實行多樣化業務發展的方向。旗下業務分別有旅遊,設計,網上零售,活動展覽,培訓課程和品牌及智慧財產權的建立等業務,部分業務亦已積極地發展至國內及東南亞等地區。

WVIP其中的分公司香港零食大王, 是香港零食大王有限公司旗下品牌,致力打造全香港至平,至齊,至快送貨的網上零食店。通過直銷經營模式,節省傳統高昂租金,幫助香港人對抗地產霸權,應付通貨膨漲,達致雙贏局面。


The concept of multi-functional, complementary resources can be experienced in a forward-looking company in the local area (World Verity Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.,:WVIP). WVIP is a new generation of non-traditional operating company in Hong Kong who carrying out the direction of diversified business development with fragmented. Their business has included tourism, design, online retail, event exhibitions, training courses and brand building with intellectual property establishment. Some of the business has also been actively developed to the Mainland China and Southeast Asia.

LingSik.com, as subsidiary company of LingSik King Limited, is offering value for many snacks, wide product choice and fast shipping service to meet the needs of different customer segments.

Suntrend Technology Co., Ltd is provide GoHRM cloud based solution of the HRIS system to WVIP, so that all users only need to fully carry out the operation and maintenance of HRIS over the network, in order to make management more convenient and efficient. The mobility  that compared to the traditional system more significant increase.

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