GoHRM Trademark Registration 商業商標注冊

我們很高興地告知您, GoHRM在中國,香港和菲律賓已申請通過智慧財產權當局的商業商標注冊,結果將在《政府公報》上公佈,並將頒發註冊證書。這樣會更有效地落實管理產品智慧財產權和專利保護。

- 好商標!一字值千金!!商標註冊讓您擁有法定的專用權利,且範圍擴及全球。

- 擁有授權他人將註冊商標使用於註冊指定的商品或服務上的權利。

- 可以阻止他人將註冊商標使用在註冊可能涵蓋的商品或服務上而有產生混淆的情形。

- 可以要求海關禁止侵害註冊商標的商品輸入或輸出。

We are pleased to tell you that GoHRM have applied for commercial Trademark registration through the Intellectual Property Authority in China, Hong Kong and the Philippines, the results of which have been published in the Official Gazette and will be issued with a certificate of registration.

- Good trademark! A word worth of gold!! Trademark registration allows you to have a statutory exclusive right, and the scope extends to the world.

- Have the right to authorise others to use the registered trademark in the registration of a specified goods or services.

- Can prevent others from using a registered trademark in a situation where the registration may cover goods or services that would be confusing.

- Customs may be required to prohibit the import or export of goods that infringe a registered trademark.

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