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Excellence through people


HRIS Core 


Manage your employee database with ease, all in one place.


Self Service


Collaborative managers and employee work schedule, eliminate conflict or late arrival, real time checking and alert, updates & budgeting

Time Attendance

& Leave 

Applying and approving leaves, at the tips of your fingers, minimizing human errors associated with tracking records.

Automated Payroll 

Stop worrying about calculating employee deductions, let our system do that for you.


Organisation Chart

Real time visualize workforce designed and key business metrics.


Roster Management

Schedule the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time


Document Management

Managing data and digital assets by blockchain technology in a higher secured repository. Over hundreds document templates ready to be used. 

Recruitment Talent Bank

Automatically completing paperwork and get everyone introduced quickly with welcome emails and team introductions.

HrIS COre Management

✓ A centralized, flexible system of record for all your employee data.

✓ Collect, store, and view all employee data digitally.
✓ Go paperless and prevent processing mistake!


management /

Self Service (MSS/ESS)

✓ Mobile app & web support for employee and management

✓ Personal status self-check and payroll summary and pay statement

✓ View official document and letter, company policies and forms
✓ View leave balance and holiday


Time, attendance & LEAVE APPLICATION

✓ Apply and approve on desktop or mobile.

✓ Allows administrators and managers to efficiently track and manage time off requests.

✓ Review and approve vacation requests, sick leave, and more – all online

✓ Creates employee group wise attendance policy

✓ Shifts and associated policy
✓ Capture attendance from 3rd party hardware and mobile phone clocking, schedule the right people in right place at the right tim


Automated Payroll

✓ Ease your payroll burden in one-click 
✓ Complete payroll processing 
✓ Configurable salary structure 
✓ Automated payroll inputs and payslips 
✓ Comprehensive Post-Payroll Process 
✓100 % statutory compliance 
✓ Generate payroll reports 



✓ Interactive structure

✓ Drag and Drop to change nodes structure

✓ Multi company or location supported

✓ Visualize workforce designed and key business metrics

✓ Real-time display when structure changed or modified

✓ Import from Excel and publish or share in PDF and HTML by requested


Graphical ROSTER 

✓ Roster definition

✓ Roster scheduling tools

✓Graphic roster planning and adjustment.


Blockchain-based document


✓ Collect and centralize HR documents easily

✓ Increase HR productivity

✓ Secure documents by blockchain technology

and minimise compliance risk

✓ Connect with other systems 

✓ Real paperless HR environment



talent bank

✓ Making Hiring a collaborative effort right from sourcing, screening to releasing an offer
✓ Save time for your team on your hiring operations with streamlined tools and workflows
✓ Provide better on-boarding experience with career pages and team introduction


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