PMAP Annual Conference 2018

The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) brings this year’s most exciting Annual Conference to date, the 55th Annual Conference on October 10-12, 2018 at the ASEAN Convention Center, CSEZ, Clarkfield, Pampanga. This full, trailblazing 3-day conference will gather some of the best minds and thought leaders in people management globally.


PMAP took on a national character by establishing and nurturing of charters across the country. Training and development, research and community services became institutionalized. The personnel management function was upgraded in the minds of the chief executives and with it the status of the practitioners.


Internationally, PMAP became recognized as the leading association of Human Resources practitioners in Philippines. Linkages were established and maintained with internationally renowned human resources organizations.


Suntrend (ST) was delighted to be invited by our Philippine partner Sinag Solutions to take part in PMAP (People Management Association of Philippine) 55th Annual Conference 2018 and Expo. Where we meet majority of HRM key persons, associated chambers, associations and government officials.

閃創科技(ST)很高興受到菲律賓合作夥伴Sinag Solutions的邀請,參加PMAP(菲律賓人事管理協會)第55屆年會2018年和展覽會。我們有機會會見各大企業的人力資源管理關鍵人員,相關商會,協會和政府官員。

This encounter genuinely boosted our local reputation as well as process of market development. Our successful exposure would predictably bring us a very busy 2019. Therefore time has come to get our nosed back to the grindstone and come up with some positive results.

這次機遇真正提升了我們在當地的聲譽以及市場上產品發展的過程。GoHRM 成功的曝光可以預見到2019年將會非常繁忙的一年。因此,時間的到來,會讓我們的努力沒有白費而取得佳績,並得出一些積極和實際的結果。

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